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AI hair growth tracking

patient consult system

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Quantifying results is key to 
successful hair loss treatment



Making hair analysis a standard of care

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Capture high resolution standardized global and macro hair images easily & quickly.



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Hair images are automatically sent to cloud for AI generated hair growth data.


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Present hair growth data & treatment results instantly for patient consultation.

In 10 mins or less


Global images

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Standardized global images using facial recognition guided head positioning technology. 

Macro images

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Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 10.38.23

2 levels of magnification macro images in sequence for the same scalp area


Hair images are analyzed using artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision algorithms. Quantitative hair growth data is automatically generated for objective hair loss treatment assessment.

GRO measure

Comprehensive hair data

Valuable hair data is automatically. generated by AI algorithm:
Terminal hair density, Vellus hair density, Terminal hair, Vellus hair ratio, hair follicle density, average hair diameter.
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GRO index

Track hair growth & hair loss

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Quantifiable hair mass density is used to track hair growth journey from both global images and macro images. Hair growth is presented in a percentage change from the patient first visit baseline data.

GRO scale

Classify hair loss conditions

A hair loss classification system that is relevant to one's baseline hair density using occipital area hair mass density as the reference point to assess other scalp area hair loss condition in 5 categories.
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Patient consultation technology

Convert more procedures and retain more patients


GRO report

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Before and after images gallery
Hair growth charts and graphs
Treatment progress review
Patient hair analysis report
Patient data base matching for simulation
AI assisted treatment recommendations


Patient mobile app

Check hair growth

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View hair images


Ask the doctor

Grow your hair practice

with GroTrack

A complete solution to grow your hair loss practice
Convert more procedures and retain more patients
Easy and quick process for as little as 10 minutes
Empower your marketing with patient mobile app
Cloud based platform, easy access from anywhere

Our Medical & Scientific Advisors

Jeffrey Rapaport, MD
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Gordon Sasaki, MD
Marco Zahedi, MD
Sanjay Batra, PhD
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